Operation Policy


● Driver must be over 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license.
● Renter is responsible for but not limited to the 1 st $2500 of ANY damages to
the Slingshot. (Individual parts, labor & or loss of use)
● There are no refunds for bad weather throughout your rental period.
● Any damages will be deducted from the security deposit. If damages exceed
security deposit, then it will be forfeited & applied accordingly.
● Minors/Passengers must be at least 10 years old & must wear seatbelts at
● Driver is required to purchase state mandated minimum liability insurance
from our insurance provider, MBA Insurance. $15.00 per day, mandatory
before rental pick up. For instructions visit MBA INS or Rental Ins. Page.
● GPS Tracking in use. No burnouts or rev limiting. All MPH/Rev Limiting
(Burnouts) are monitored and recorded. Failure to comply will result in
deposit being forfeited.
● Must remain on paved roads at all times. Off road use strictly prohibited.
● Eyewear is mandatory (sunglasses/goggles).
● We recommend buffer/beanie or hats and sunscreen.
● Renters will be assessed a $75 charge for the loss of keys.
● Renters will be assessed a $75 charge for the loss of the gas cap.
● Tire tread dept is measured. Burnouts will result in a $50 charge or the cost
of a new tire if completely worn.
● Renters are responsible for all tolls. Any moving violations or unpaid tolls
incurred while renting the Slingshot and not settled by the renter will result
in an additional $75 processing fee per incident.
● Return vehicle with a full tank of PREMIUM (93 Octane) fuel only, or return
as is for a $35 additional charge.
● DO NOT drive off road or in sand. This can severely damage the drive train of the
Slingshot. Only navigate paved public roads.
● Report any warning lights, mechanical problems, or flat tires to
● Always make sure the parking brake is completely off before pulling away.
● Do not redline the engine.
● Absolutely no consumption of alcohol by the driver during your rental.
● No smoking in Slingshot.
● You have unlimited miles within 100 miles of Kissimmee, FL. If slingshot is taken
outside of the 100 mile range it will result in forfeiting your deposit.


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